Adobe Camera Raw 6 Users’ Guide PDF: Free Download

Do you have problems with your RAW and you would like to know all the secrets of CameraRaw? Don’t miss this great FREE guide!

A guide is much better than a single tutorial! You’ll find all the tools of Camera Raw, including hidden ones!

You’ll learn a faster and safer workflow, to import images in Adobe Bridge, enter the metadata and retrieve your photos anytime.

You’ll discover how make changes to a single image and save it in JPG or apply changes to multiple images at once and then automatically save or open them in Photoshop!

You will save RAM in your computer, opening of the RAW files directly in Camera Raw, without opening Photoshop!

You will understand how a digital sensor work, the bit depth, and the ETTR (Expose To The Right) method: you’ll always have the best from your photos!

You will learn to read quickly the histogram, understanding the over or underexposed areas.

You will learn to give more contrast to your photos so meticulous by changing only the mid-tone areas.

You will learn how to calibrate your camera, creating profile thanks to X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and make the white balance quickly and professionally!

…and much more!

About the author

Born in 1985 (Pescara, Italy), from an early age Francesco Marzoli grew his interest in arts and painting: passions that later on he turned into digital form.

His first contact with digital photo editing software was at the age of 14 when he first bought a computer and he asked to install on it a drawing software. “Can you put a drawing software on my computer?” he asked, and since that time on he started to passionate to digital imaging.

Author of the first Camera Raw User’s Manual, winner of the Adobe YouGC Contest, today Francesco works as Photoshop consultant and teacher in courses, workshops and seminars.

On his website, where he posts many articles and tutorials, Francesco writes about post-production thoroughly; he is also a YouTube Partner: on his channel you can find many video-tutorials on many topics.

Francesco Marzoli became an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and Beta Tester for X-Rite products.

Since 2010 he is also a pro-supporter of TAU Visual National Association of Professional Photographers and co-founder of CCC-Color Correction Campus and together with his old classmates he founded the White Rabbits.

A dynamic and honest person who often reconsiders his opinions and improves himself through daily challenges to enhance his creativity. As a technology enthusiast with an intimate knowledge of photo editing software, he offers his services in the areas of his expertise.


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Download now Camera Raw 6 User Guide.

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Surely the content offered are worth much more than 12.50 dollars, but I do it for pure spirit of sharing and for paying the nights spent in front of my mac to produce quality content.

Thank you :)

Se stai cercando la Guida in Italiano la trovi a questa pagina :)

Un ringraziamento molto speciale va a te Amica mia, come pochi sanno davvero esserlo, thanks Serena. For everything.


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